Customer Reviews Canterbury Doug Addams

Dan Goatham is a fantastic instructor who is both accommodating and patient. I came to Dan with an existing, if only slight, knowledge of driving but he was willing to take the pace entirely at my level. Because I wanted to start from scratch, he took me through the basics of operating a car logically and at a pace that we both agreed on; nothing was ever rushed, but Dan was always looking to test me and provide me a challenge. This made ever lesson exciting, unique, and was always entertaining and a pleasant experience thanks to Dan’s extremely friendly and warm personality. Dan’s attention to detail and encyclopedic knowledge of road safety and driving always made you feel incredibly safe, and at ease. You knew that Dan would be able to help with any questions and you knew that he would be able to keep you out of danger as well. There are no complaints to driving with Dan, his lessons are always varied, tailored to the learner thanks to his commitment to goal setting after each lesson, he’s a fantastic guy to talk to, he is very flexible and fair with his time, and his lessons are always a fun challenge that I regularly looked forward to. Customer Reviews Canterbury Doug Addams