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I am so happy to say I finially passed my driving test today after 9 attempts over the past 10 years!! I could not have done it with out Top class driving school and my just slightly annoying driving instructor Tim!! Honestly he has been the best instructor I have had after going through so many instructors and different company’s, I finally found the right one to get me through it. I’m probly a nightmare pupil with a dry sarcastic sense of humour, a bit of a stress head and of course no patience. After trying for so long driving lessons had become a complete chore, but Tim always kept me going and made me laugh. I never thought I’d pass my test lacking any confidence and always needed reassurance on what I was doing. But I have never been so proud of myself and honestly I couldn’t have done it without my instructor. Timothy your a legend!!!! But be aware he has some very irritating catch phrases like ‘no rush at all’ or ‘cool calm and collected’ which he will repeat at least 20 times in your hour lesson, these will be permanently stuck in my brain every time I drive. Thank you so much Tim, Your driving school really is the best I have been with, and I will always highly recommend Topclass driving school and you to everyone. Customer Reviews Rochester Charlotte Durling

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