Customer Reviews Sittingbourne Kate Pike

After failing several tests I had lost a lot of confidence and really did think I might never become a driver. I was even a nervous car passenger after being involved in a car accident. When I decided to learn again I contacted Top Class. Unlike some of the other driving schools Tim got back to me straight away.
Tim became my instructor and was always reliable and flexible with lesson times, pick up and drop off points.
Tim is calm, friendly and easy going. From the very first lesson he made me feel settled and relaxed enough to make mistakes and then learn from them. Tim explained points clearly and revisited things when I asked questions! Tim would reflect on the progress I had made and help me think about what else I needed to learn next. Tim had some hints and tips that other instructors hadn’t used and they worked, reversing into a bay finally started to make sense!
Tim was always patient and positive about my ability to be able to drive, even when I thought I was never going to do it. Even on test day he reassured me and still managed to make me laugh with one of his sayings or anecdotes! Tim gave me the technique and the confidence to believe I could pass my test and I did. I am so glad that I contacted Top Class. I would definitely recommend Tim and his driving school. Customer reviews Sittingbourne Kate Pike